Calm your bells


September 7th, 2019, 8:25 am

Dawn and Vay are going to become REALLY
good friends in the future ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I love him. He is adorable. He is ma CHILD. I must protecc him, I must care for him, I must-
huh? What was that? You said What about Dawn?
Who's Dawn?


SSEC Discord:
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i think the soothing bell is working
@Fantasy749: Not for Dawn tho, LOL
@Pinkeevee222: dawn looks like she is gonna raise hell
@SnowflakeGlaceon: BRUH
I think dawn is jealous
@the legend 27: and about to murder
He's so cute! Pls tell me he'll be in the next few chapters
He’s adorable
@Pinkeevee222: .w. oh geeze
And so fluffy
He dead

wot bout Dawn
@Guest: wuuuut, who’s Dawn?
Thank you for two long pages in a row!
Impereon85:chill foxyandfalcon I was just asking
Impereon85@ and you guys look at the charactere Update they look so cool
:3 Will he be properly named or is he just gonna be Eveui :P
@Espeon Person: You cant rename pokemon you got from trades, sadly.
@Pinkeevee222: oh right I forgot!, Eevui
Baby boy. Baby
If any one hurts the new guy I'll kill everyone that commented on this page and then myself
I can’t tell if dawn is jealous or she is in love with this new kit
@Guest: >kit
He is older than Dusk, lol
@Pinkeevee222: NANI
@Pinkeevee222: how do you pronounce eevui's name
@Pinkeevee222: how do you pronounce eevui's name
Norfolk southern!!!! How about kopa!
Well, this seems to be leading to another story line. On another note, I see you've been getting into undertale. Are we doing SSEC!Tale someday? This needs to be a thing.
@(`°3°`): Undertale?? I was into it when it came out. Now? Not so much.
Oh, so that’s what’s gonna get Dawn to leave
The vay dawn ship
@Guest: I honestly don’t want Vay x Dawn... T^T
@Guest: True... I ship Vay with Daisy instead of Dawn.
@Guest: I ship Vay x Happiness UwU
@Pinkeevee222: OWO Yes Vayxhappiness
Dont let it be in vayn
New Eevee I wonder how this new Eevee ties into the plot.
But I guess they all kinda have big ears. So I guess I just really love this style.
Dawn hates Eevui as much as she hates Flare. (I think...)
@Starryeevee: I dont think Dawn hates Eevui... Ask Pinkeevee222.
@ Guest: I can draw Pokémon with small ears, but big ears? No.
Is eevui older than harmony?
@Mystic: He is a little older than Dusk, so, they are about the same age~
Impereon85@ how do u make a comic I already sigh in
@Impereon85: It says you are a guest tho
Oh my go, he has huge ears.
Dawn looks like she's about to kill somemon
Dawn is absolutely pissed. She is going to nuke us all. Shit.
@Guest: Dawn is probably JEALOUS of that new Eevee wearing a sooth bell. OR Dawn is in 100% LOVE with dis new Eevee, and she’ll play with him and protect him no matter what.
@Guest: :OOOO

how DARE you cruse word in this christian minecraft server >:<
@Pinkeevee222: Uh... Pink.. it isn’t fair for Dawn to be the only one who wears a sooth bell... right? Dawn, yes I’m talking to you! You should let any mon wear accessories including bells! You don’t own the bells!
He’s gonna get TM 15’d
hey pinkeevee222 if you upload a new page of eevee academy no one will ever bother you again
@FoxandFalco: Pay me
@Pinkeevee222: Do i have 2 to 2 do it?
@Foxandfalco: If you want me to provide to you a service, I need compensation, lol
@Pinkeevee222: first, I don’t even know where u live and second, I’m gonna get grounded if I tell you what your address is by my parents and third, i need to know ur address to send u the money
@Foxandfalco: she has a patreon. Also if you can’t pay up then don’t bother Pinkeevee. She doesn’t owe you anything
@Guest: Yes she does
This is a joke right? @Foxandfalco: haha in case you didn’t know, it takes TIME and ENERGY to plan, write and draw these comics. A lot of comic books are produced by industries who get people to PAY for their products. Pinkeevee sacrifices a good portion of her life and abilities FOR FREE. And she gives them to STRANGERS on the internet.
Imagine if you spent 6 hours creating something. It takes ages to construct, its confusing, it made your brain hurt, you’re tired and you didn’t get any time to see your friends or read your favourite comics because it took so dang long. Now imagine if a random stranger told you that if you did this again for them for free because otherwise people won’t stop bullying you.
Either way if Pinkeevee released an Eevee Academy update, it would be bad, half hearted and not to the quality she wanted WHICH is why she’s delaying it. She wants to give you the best of her ability and everyone is just being impatient and upset with her.

Please grow up and stop acting like you own everything because it’s really inconsiderate. Instead be grateful for what you get and be patient and encourage others to do the same. Find ways to pass the time, like new interests or create your own produce. Support Pinkeevee and her series if you like her stuff so much. Even compliments are better than complaints. Instead of leaving nagging comments, tell the community WHY you think her comics are great. Don’t act like you you’re owed this because really, WE owe Pinkeevee for all the time she gives to us. Thanks!

This took me ages and I bet nobody will read it. Oh well, thanks for ur comics Pinkeevee!
Idk I read it @theory maker
@SwordMastered : thank u TT^TT
Impereon85@ okay so let me get this straight couple chapters Ago Dusk was fighting with his mother harmone a thing about Lem and right now dawn if fighting about this new Eevee with bells
O BOI dawn is GONNa be MAD. by the way im on here because i cant go my original account due to parental controlls
Dawn, are you okay? Do we need to vent or-?
@Guest: I believe she may need a knife...
@SeahDaLunatic: ORR TM-15!!
Eevui x Dawn~ Finally, a ship that isn't incest~
@Excalibeon: Almost all ships are not incest ^^;;;
>_>; I need to really explain some things.
The soothe bell I watched pokemon the other day, and Ash won a soothe bell. SOOTHE BELL: Series: A bell that makes pokemon pay more attention. Game: Makes pokemon more friendly toward you, so they can evolve. *like Type:Null, Chansey, riolu, and any other shit*
@The Magical Birb-Tato: Sorry, Im in a bad mood becausemy lv 100 shiny litten cant evolve cause it a 100
@TheDarkShow: yeah they do that
@The Magical Birb-Tato: Even so, whot about thy minecraft server?
I fear no man... but that... thing... *looks at dawn* it scares me
I like how Dawn's eyes are purple under her hair
Haha the fact that this Eevui becomes Eifi is rlly gonna tick Dawn off. (Check the Japanese translation and you’ll know what I mean). Also Eevui probably doesn’t understand what dawn is saying. They’re Japanese
some one jelly
Let me Get This straight The Wonder trade eevee is the same age as idk, is level one and rarely talks. This eevee’s basically me. (Btw if you read this Tina, is this new chapter comedy or drama)
@Tizasdddd: TTuTT He isn’t Harmony’s age
And, I tend to just mash comedy and drama together now cause I need to move the story along, but also want to put a butt ton of comedy in.
Ooooohhhhh someone is jealous cause there is a new eevee....
Dawn: *starrreeee* (looks like she'll pull out the TM15)
Me: uuhhh... G-GOTTA DASH!
*uses cyan power to run even faster than my normal one and flees*
@LilythelittenlovesJSAB: Dawn does have TM-15, but why does she have to be the only one that have these things? She is level 50+, she is the only Eeveelution that wears a sooth bell, she has TM-15, has perfect hair, JUST WHY?? Can somemom else have these things too?
@...: I like you guys coming up with your own conclusions~
@Pinkeevee222: Thanks.. ^^;
The ears.... THE EARS

I could live inside them...
@>< Spirit ><: That will be gross.. Just saying.. ^^
I'm with Dawn on this
@Fnaf g: You are with an impish nature Espeon? Wow. You want Dawn to fight the new Eevee? Isn’t that... EVIL?
@Guest: Do you want to fight cuz I have Pokemon to kill you with
The calm before the storm....
1. In the header is that vay and Eevui

2. Can eevui speak human

3. Is he Japanese

4. If it’s not Eevui in the header with vay then who is it
1. No
2. No
3. Yes
4. Dawn and Vay
@Pinkeevee222: I won’t really ship Vay with Dawn.. Doesn’t Vay love Daisy? Vay and Dawn don’t fit together...
@Guest: Who knows what could happen in the future~
@Pinkeevee222: oh okay thx
@Pinkeevee222: why did Eevui’s eyes change from brown orange to glowing yellow?
Silvertheumbreon le poof: dawn is jealous of eevui until said otherwise.
Dawn is mad..... Everyone duck and cover!!!
@Zora_silver: Nah I’m not scared. I’m a higher than Dawn’s level (which is 50+) I’m level 90 to be EXACT! I also have TM-15 AND TM-29 (psychic) Look and see:

Dawn: OH! Look! I bet I can beat this guest up!

Me: *Uses psychic to lift up Dawn. Then toss her off the cliff right before Dawn takes out TM-15*
Dawn: I.. guess I... I can’t beat her... u-up..

Me: Oh Daaawwwwwnnnn, before I leave you alone in pain, I have to say, I have a Golden sooth bell tooooo~


Me: Nope, YOU are a perv, besides I just beaten you up! LOL
@Guest: Wow.. Dawn should be scared.. Lol!
@OWO: Yea, she should!
@Guest: im a level 80 diecidueye so I'm stong against a psichic like dawn. But an angry dawn, is a scary dawn.
@Zora_silver: Thats what everyone scared of here: angry Dawn aka scary Dawn. I’m NOT scared and since I’m level 90+, I can beat up an angry AND scary psychic type Espeon named Dawn! I also have TM-15, and I know psychic better than Dawn!

Dawn: I get it! OKAY?!

Me: *uses psychic to lift up Dawn then toss her far away* GET LOST! I DONT NEED YOU ANYWAY!

Dawn: Fine! I’m sorry okay? I just think I could beat you up! I’m wrong then!

Me: *evolves into a super legendary hybrid of Espeons/Sylveons.

Dawn: *gets very jealous, then stabbed herself*
@Guest: she could be level 91
Dawn Gonna put up a fight!
@Narhumo: If she do fight, I’ll fight her, then she’ll back down 100%!

Dawn:Uh.... *Looks scared*
When pinkeevee made a bunch of new characters (Such as miku) she posted the three on her blog. Vay states that dawn would probably get replaced by a Japanese espeon
And this new eevee is confirmed to be Japanese. One of the three new characters she posted on her blog was a male yellow asain eyed espeon. That eevee is probably gonna replace dawn as the new eevee.
@Guest: :ok_hand:
Damn those golden eyes are nice
i feel like she said that to every single eevee she had obtained through trades
I fell sorry for the new eevee because that person is crazy
@starflight: lmao the trainer is defiantly crazy
Norfolk southern!!!! Kopa:meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh banana beak lol meh meh meh meh meh meh meh banana beak meh meh meh banana beak (bleep)ing meh (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ table flip!!
O.o The true battle finally begins
Haha so cute but.... RUN!!!
I feel like Dawn may see him as an enemy at first but then somehow they will become good friends and treat him like a good brother
Oh wow
Dawn is just the embodiment of rage itself.
Those ears are bigger then my brain...
But what about Deltarune :/
This is me I’m a English Shiny Sylveon With Angel wings and a halo every part that is blue on me glows in the dark I’m level 97 and knows the Aromatic Mist Dazzling Gleam Disarming Voice Fleur Cannon Lets snuggle Forever light of ruin moon blast play rough sparkly swirl wing attack oblivion wing and mirror move my real name is Ardrida (NOT IN HUMAN FOR IN REAL LIFE)
@Sylveontheangel22 : . u . ;
I have a replacement account if I forget the name of this one or forget it’s email address it’s LeafeonHearty14 .
This is my replacement account Lol I’m stupid
Norfolk southern!!!! Banana beak lol
Banana beak lol
Banana beak lol
Banana beak lol
Banana beak lol
Banana beak lol
Banana beak lol
Banana beak lol
Banana beak lol
1. will teh next page b about blizz
2. will you upload eevee academy anytime soon?
3. when i was on my account, i puted eevee. is it on the background list on EA
4.why does that trainer always want eevees
5. do u like pizza
6.are you buddies with @PKM-150*

*author of eeveelution squad on smackjeeves
1. no
2. no
3. no
4. she's obsessed
5. yes
6. no comment
@Foxandfalco: Hey, I love Eeveelution Squad! Not as good as SSEC by a long shot, though.
@LearnwithBob: *peeks around corner* eh what? *turns around and runs*
I think dusk turned to a fire type
Omg I didn’t know I was reading Yandere simulator contentXD
Yandere simulator gives me ThE CreePs (srly tho, urgh...)
Dawn: *Im about to end this man's whole career!*
He would make a great umbreon lol
Attention Everyone! Please stop asking on the ask blog. It has 1500+ already, Pinkeevee has enough work to do! (No, I do not have any other reason to make this comment. Why do you ask?
@Chamomile : wait, what do you mean? whats the ask blog ;-; xD but what is the ask blog? sry im new to dis :P
@FireClaw: Click on the “Extras” tab, and there is a link to it! ^^
Norfolk southern!!!! Railroad crossing:meh
Coast starlight:meh
North Jersey Transit Arrow:s***!
SK: meh
Dawn: HEY!
NJ Transit arrow: flarf you!
Dawn:(face turns red)
All trains:lol
All trains:aaaaaah!!!!
@Pinkeevee222: DON'T TOUCHA THE CHILD!!
She protecc
She attacc
But overall, she gonna smacc
R U GAY @Pinkeevee222 ARE YOU GAY
Is nobody going to mention that his eyes are glowing???
@Guest: Yes his eyes ARE glowing.
@ : That was not appropriate for r u gay.
Pinkeevee222 is not gay
@Starryeevee : why are you using gay as an insult
seriously ? OH you who dawn is!
...I just realized something. In another comic page or something it was mentioned that Dawn would probably be ditched for a Japanese Espeon if the trainer got one. In another comment here it was confirmed Eevui was Japanese.

Another thing. Eevui has big ears that make the insides visible in the art style. Dawn does too. Espeon’s often have huge ears.

Is Eevui going to evolve into an Espeon and going to kick Dawn to the curb?
So I realized the trainer is a horrible trainer. Most of the Eevees have never even breathed fresh air before.
Dawn jelly
I love him too but Dawn seems a little upset ewe

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