Bad Mood


September 14th, 2019, 10:02 pm

Sage: I need your help.
Bolt: !!?? W-wait, I remember you! You are from- H-How did you get-.....
Sage: ...
Bolt: Your {redacted} .... Aren't you?
Sage: For quite a while, I am afraid.

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Advertisement, October 18th, 2019, 12:31 pm Reply
Scull is a cutie.
I lightened up his colors a bit, lol
That espeon in the header is... a very important character.

If you haven't, Click the "+Fav" button on the Menu. Remember Secret comics? They are only unlocked with Fans! I updated it a bit tho.

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[ ] - 10,000 fans- Crisel

LOL, I know I will never get 10,000 fans, but like, thats why I put Crisel there. I like that name~ Crisel~ =w= It rolls off the tounge nicely.

Also, to the one person who has been person rating all the new ssec comics 1 Star since the beginning of the chapter, I thank you for your continued readership, lol. Your tenacity is astonishing. I commend you for it! I just wanted you to know that senpai notices you, and I give you lots of hugs and UwUs

SSEC Discord:
Pinkeevee222, September 14th, 2019, 10:02 pm Reply
@Pinkeevee222: Oh dang, I just realized we are 100 fans away from getting Flareon's second secret
Pinkeevee222, September 14th, 2019, 11:01 pm Reply

Come on Dusk, take a Snickers!
@Oops: I don't get what the last panel means, but I do get he needs a Snickers
@Flareon1225: it means Dusk isn’t his usual goofy self when he’s hungry
@Flareon1225: It's the Snickers meme. Your not you when you're hungry.
If you say you'll never gonna get 10,000 fav I'll never gonna see that Crisel, and I want see, it for that I believe that you're gonna make it and not only for that, it's I want you to reach that goal, I know you can
I believe in you, you can get 10,000 fans one day!

Anyways, great comic page!
What kind of pokemon is Scull
@Guest: A very weird looking Houndoom
@Pinkeevee222: Scull is amazin already
I have decided to adopt Scull. He is my son now, and no one can take him away from me.
WAIT... just a question he’s sweating poison right?
Page 266 explains that poison sweating
Wait, whos the lady houndoom?
@TheDarkShow: He is Dawn's Boyfriend, lol
@Pinkeevee222: Ahhhh, okeydokey. even so, i just ate some snickers and learned japanese. And seem to be play pokemon go during turtwig day

3:00pm EDIT: It ended :[
@Pinkeevee222: Thanks for showing me! Also, if Scull IS a boy,and he is Dusk's boyfriend, is Dusk gay? XD
@TheDarkShow: no Skull is Dawns boyfriend not Dusk’s
Honestly I hate all chocolate and peanut butter candies with a passion
Wait, so are all of Dusk’s bodily fluids poison? Or does he only sweat poison?
scull... i like that name
@Emc_502: So do I! :D

Nice profile!
...Does he carry around Snickers just to say that?
And today's sponsors is Snickers if having a bad day here's a Snickers
Have a break, Dusk. Have a KitKat
@Pinkeevee222: hehehe i get it.. its from the old snickers commericials during the early 2010's
@RoninHunt0987:do you mean the company catchphrase.
@anonymous2006: x3 yes
At first my half asleep brain thought Dusk was saying ooo XD
@>< Spirit ><:
-What? You’re not you when you’re hungry

I just love Scull!
He is one of my favorite characters, after Vay, LKD and Dominic!
Wait a second is that the espeon from about a million pages ago!?
Wow time to actually make theory Sage is one the ghost things around Blizz along with a bunch of other herbs and spices. Also in the header, troll and wimp are hiding behind Bolt. They scared of Sage?
PLEASE please someone tell me how to become fan I searched for it everywhere from some months but I can't find it. Please.
By the way very good comic I like the designs
Oh Forget about it I've found it
I'm so STUPID, I feel SHORT, I love EEVEE and i read this COMICS every week
*Snicker* (Pun unintended) I find that funny actually. "you are not you when your hungry" Which is actually true.
panel 5: me when i see my friend eat a kit-kat in the middle without snapping it
panel 6: my friend
its bad mood
Looks for a minute... @The Magical Birb-Tato: I am just having it today. xD I apologize. (Although I should be apologizing to PinkEevee... ^^;)
DUSK Have a snickers and play roblox XD OR MINECRAFT OF ANIMAL JAM OR GACHA LIFE OR POKEMON Nintendo
Did you just turn this comic into a snickers ad?
@Legosamurai732: Yes >:3
Is the espeon sol from the tumblr post 1,000,000 posts ago
@Pinkeevee222: Sorry about the last message, please ignore that. ^^;
Now I want to know the sky comic. COME ON PEOPLZ, WE NEED U TO LIKE THE COMIC!!!
Kill me Im gonna get some Snickers.
Impereon85@ gives pinkeevee222 1000000000000000000000000000 fans to trade for eevee
Impereon85@ whoops sorry I didnt put trade for eevee
@Pinkeevee222: Hey, Pinkeevee, what do the Xs mean on your secret chart? Also, what page is the Dawn secret?
@Chamomile : those mean we got that secret!
@Pinkeevee222: HOLY COW. My comment got answered. This is the best day of my life.

Edit: Also, thank you.
Scull:dude you need..
Me: What?
Scull: A...SNICKERS!!!
Me: uuuuuhhhhh...
Scull: *Shoves a snickers in my face*
Me: NNNNNNUUUU *grabs a reeses* MWAHAHAHA
Scull: NNNNUUUUU * falls over*

Can I take Dusk from you? like forever since I like him @Pinkeevee222
I already love Skull. He's now my new favorite character
Dusk eats a Snickers and turns into Danny Divedo. (Scarftale Bryan is now disgusted with himself)
fer da rekord @Ark Bluegate: Just for the reccord, i'm disgusted with myself because Danny Devedo gives me the creeps.
Snickers for everyone! Don't eat too much otherwise you'll go sick!
Anyone gonna say anything about this purple sweat?
I only need a speed badge in pokemon heartgold, so wish me luck!

But seriously Dusk, she's right. Have a Snickers
If corn is this worlds porn is it called cornography, and if so would that mean that I’m corny (instead of horny)

More fans for another Jolteon secret!!!
i don't get what scull said at the end it's confusing
@Guest: this is pretty much what scull said, you are not acting like yourself. I KNOW WHY. yoU need a snickers! (snickers) \OvO/
Funny But frankly... Noes not the time
Ritual bois:*block*
Oh no
why is it so short? but any way i like it :)
@Guest: Why so short? *looks at the name of the webcomic series* HMMMMM
@Pinkeevee222: Here's a question less answerable. Why were the last few comics so long?
Combine Dusk's fav food and the Snickers he needs so badly and you get a Choco taco. They're a type of ice cream thing in individual packages. Usually found in the floor coolers at gas stations.
ya need teh Snickas dood lol yup
Did this comic just turn into a snickers commercial?
@Legosamurai732: yes it did
Me and my friend, circa 2019
HAHA Comedy
just why snikers ;w;?
i commit exist now :l aaaaaaaa these comics are amazing
also snickers :D
Bday gift My bday luckily comes on Saturday so im happy in a way a gift is reading this on my bday! Ive been reading these since i seen a comic dub of the 1st page! Its been about 4 years and even though i will be 21 i feel like dusk everytime i see a new page xD(at least him after he eats a snickers)
Lune trainz Lüñë :hey
Luneon: meh meh meh banana beak
Deprariantionialunelevenden: power flarfwhadluneon
Farscapelune: HEY!
Spectral lune:boom!
Skull:eh lune?
Came back together
Lune change to legendary e-tech fire lune
Legendary e-tech fire lune: banana beak!
Zazu: it's Mr banana beak to you fluffa**!
Zordaar:meh meh meh meh meh meh banana beak lol meh meh meh meh meh banana beak lol meh meh meh meh meh banana beak lol meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh banana beak lol meh meh meh banana beak lol!
Lune: you (bleep)!
Honey(cat):(bleep bloop) fatty
@Pinkeevee222: Crisel? ....... Well. Time to get back out the idea board! I don’t think you’ve ever told us that name before so I have no info to theorize from >^<
I'm thinking about making fake accounts to get to 10,000 fans
@Fnaf g: Great idea! I would make an account, but I’m only twelve and my mom won’t let me.
Also, I’m counting down the minutes until the new comic tomorrow!
Someday, I will get an account, and I will have my guest name, Chamomile, made into a background Eevee. But not until my mom says I’m old enough for social media.
I saw an Amulet Coin in that Header. :3
..? scull now shiny?
New comic today! I can’t wait! Plus I’m going to a farming festival today. Best day ever!
Is the espeon Sky?
I think i just died
I'm a idiot! XD
I didn't knew how to become a fan, but I already clicked the comic with Fav+ to my favorites...XD
No matter the situation, you should always accept a snicker from someone
@Pinkeevee222: But what if you do reach 10,000 fans?
I'm starting a Scul appreciation club. Who's with me?

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