Jealousy, Anger, Longing, Regret


October 12th, 2019, 9:21 am

There was once a scared eevee, who was granted something under one condition.
Master only wanted one thing, and threw away those who didn't match his grand plan. but in turn, the eevee became cold and distant. For why get close to anymon when they will only get thrown away?

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NEXT COMIC IS A MEANWHILE!!! Dusk really needs that snickers :3c
ALSO! Midterms are killing me *sobs*
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Scruffyvee, October 12th, 2019, 9:21 am Reply
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OH RIGHT!!! 4 more fans till Flame's secret!!!
Edit: Flame's Secret coming soon!
Scruffyvee, October 12th, 2019, 10:53 am Reply

Big Sad Dusk is a No No
@EeveeMaster21: BIGGER SAD :((((
@Galactic The Purple Eevee: Why eevuii eyes glow like dusk????? aaaaaaand, @Scruffyeevee: when do you make posts and why have they recently been so early?
eevuii is bushin in panel 5! ... is he gay?
Lol wut @Eevee_fan: not gay just loving that loving trainer
But waaait, why is eevuii starin at dusk? ARE THEY REALATED?????!!!!!! i mean, eevuii's eye's glow just as hard as dusk's do, and in panel 5 he seems woried. i am so stupid
PS how are midterms goin'? If you're overwelmed by that................
it's okay, *pats back* you'll be alright, you'll be fine. GOOD LUCK!!!!! (^. .^) =3 the other 2 comments below are also by me but probaly not visable.
PS PS PS PS!!!!! I know you can do it! get 4 more fans! CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK'S BLIZZ SECRETS! TELL US YOU'RE SECRETS BLIZZ! ... flame has more hidden secrets other than bein a huge pervert?
now lemme tel u about my dream eevee, her name is Winter, her BFF is Autumn, and she has a super weird ability to use ice-attacks. greenpaw eevee, really likes tacos. also really smart with an IQ of 161 when she is only 9 years old.
@Eevee_fan : 9 years old in ssec universe is like... an adult in their 30's :3c None of the eevees or eeveelutions are that old but Harmony, who is an old fart
@Scruffyvee: Lol good one
@Scruffyvee: before the charecters were updated dusk waz 11teen so LOL he'd be 36 *derp*
@Eevee_fan : flames is coming sooon!
Eevuii knows something !
Don’t be sad ;~;
This is so awesome-
Also, Eevui has the Same eyes as Dusk!
Wait, where are all the eevees in that box? It’s rather empty for the hundreds of eevees in this comic
@Weaselcheez: I decided to not put any eevees in that scene to emphasise the emotion Dusk is feeling.
@Weaselcheez: that's what I was thinking! Maybe the pc can't handle that many eevees being shown on the screen lol
@PuppyLover4: Ehhhhhhh, that is not quite it. =w=;;; I have to explain a lot of things.
But, seeing as there are only around 350 eevees in the box, and seeing how big the box is, a lot of places are empty.
@Scruffyvee: "ONLY 300+" haha, but in all seriousness I understand.
@Scruffyvee: Uh didn't in one page it said the trainer only owns 200 Eevees?
@Mak33n: Background eevees made the amount grow
@Pinkeevee222: oh (pc explodes cause of so many background eevees)
@Mak33n: thats why I gotta NUKE them out the series
I love Dusk as a character so much! Cant wait to see the next page!
Also Dusk and the eevee both have glowing yellow eyes?
@HttpLotorius: DON’T DIE! If you die, you can’t see what happens.
That eevee has Dusk power...................
Eevui tell us your secrets
The secret comment, does anyone understand it?
@PuppyLover4: Maybe its eevuis orgin OvO
Lol, I’m so bad at grander and spelling
Poor dusk
wow ohhh shit! its so good to see your around kicking i just wanted to pop in and say thanks for helping me get through a real bad time in my life and still standing after thats somthing i cant say about alot of web comics lol well that colcludes ill try and pop in to say hi a lil more cya~
Did anyone else recognize the fire effect that eevees eyes had?
@Legosamurai732: The same thing happend with dusk
@Mak33n: exactly! And there are only a couple of eevee/eeveelutions whos eyes do the same effect.
YO, Did anyone see the alt text??? Like, it sounds so mysterious!
Also, spooby Devin is making me laugh omg
Also also, Eevui why you gotta be so damm kyoot?!
Also also also, dusk kun needs huggles
And the story continues .... and when is Vayporeons story going to continue playing tell me!
@Burnt biscuit : vaporeon is not going to be a focus for a long time
I love the sky :3 it’s really well drawn
@>< Spirit ><: thank you!! >w<
@Scruffyvee: i just realized eevee academy....... Is deleted....... Ill miss that comic
@SnowflakeGlaceon: *Sprinkles Salt on Eevee Academy's grave*
@Scruffyvee: I’ll add the pepper. ROFL
@Scruffyvee: hugs*btw why dose eevui not talk (is he shy?)
@AMKHeart: Are we the only two that noticed that? I mean, look at panel 8
@SylverSylveon : nah, ur not the only ones, i did. I'm sure hes just embarrassed.
when can we get a Junita grave comic?
@Dusk number 2: ScruffyVee said he isn’t used to Unova weather so he’s probably hot.
@SylverSylveon: Well I still think Junita (the plastic cactus that got got punched from Blizz from comic RETRO should get a grave.)
Well now... this is interesting.
@Scruffyvee: I hope you do well with your midterms
@Eeveelegendartist: thank you! ^^
@Scruffyvee: Is Eevui special? Cuz, Eevvui’s eyes glows like Dusk’s. Is Eevui a psychic?
@Guest: Eevui is just an eevee :3c
Good Job! @Scruffyvee: I FRIGGING LOVE THESE COMICS!!!!!!! TELL THIS TO PINKEEVEE222!!!!!!! (I don’t know why I’m yelling)
Eevui's face in the 5th panel...
I mean 6th panel
Oh no poor dusk, I feel bad for him :(
Dawn, Dusk isn’t a drama QUEEN.. he’s a drama KING.
Yep @Guest: I totes agree
Gl on midterms
@(`°3°`): thx!!! >w<
How Miss trainer did not notice Dusk DISAPPEARING INTO THE PC is kinda surprising. Guess she really likes the new Eevee.
Yo, so I wanted to let you know that... well school suck soooooo u kick midterms in the @ss
@Scruffyvee: eevuii's eyes... glows yellow like dusk... ya don't think.. she's gonna become an umbreon?? cuz she is seeing concern on Dusk there.. unless.. eevuii is one of the rescued eevee's at the lab.. but yea.. somethin tells me this will be an umbreon in the near future
@Scruffyvee: PS: ;w; rip eevee academy

PPS: :3 good luck on the midterms my friend
dammit dusk stop charming people
What crawled up his grass and died
Dear ScruffyVee I started reading your comics a few years ago, and eventually lost interest in them. While looking through my Instagram username in google, I managed to come across “Stupid short eevee comics” and nostalgia hit me intensely. I read a few comic strips, and I’m so happy I found you again. Thank you for inspiring me to continue drawing and writing stories. God bless.
Hey im a massive fan of your comic but how do I become a fan of your comic? Do I need a smackjeeves account or something else?Someone pls explain
@Guest: yeah you need a smackjeeves account in order to fav a comic
@Solstice21: Oh I just need to favourite thanks
@Guest: you need an account to favorite sorry, i tried.
Was eevuii blushing from being hugged by the trainer or....... was it dusk?
@Silvertheumbreon: hmmmm
Theory time?
@Solstice21: time to get ur big brain turned on
@Scruffyvee: yAy
i think i saw an eevee that looked like eevui in a secrets comic. it was cornered in at a wall in dusks nightmare about the lab
I love this comic Im more into the plot then the memes and jokes but comics like these do a great job in fusing them together to make a perfect story!
2000 Fans Congrats on 2000 fans
(Well its 2002)
But still congrats :D
@SuperbroRules25: Thanks!! ^^
N-nani You know how eevui had dusk's glowing eyes? What if eevui is the eevee dusk inherited his powers from (if you don't know what am talking about, check the comic Blizz 1 from the chapter Secrets
Oh @andypop12345: it's not Blizz, it was bliSS and since am making a comment might as well add that the real chapter name is Secrets.. This comment was probably unnecessary because am sure you knew what I ment but whatever
@andypop12345: ^^;; Actually, his name is Blizz, not Bliss. There is no character named Bliss in ssec.
@Scruffyvee: I love your comics so much! You are one of my favorite authors!!!!!!!! You are magical, stay positive -SylverSylveon
(Also the people who harass you are crap)
@SylverSylveon: Thank you!! >w<
@Scruffyvee: Your welcome I was hoping you would see that comment!
A @Scruffyvee: I ment the comic title, not name
@andypop12345: Yeah, that was still Blizz

I just played smash, And now, a MEANWHILE AND A SECRET?
@Scruffyvee: I'm going to start to make fake accounts for this
changa line! Dusk: *dertimined derpressed and angry*
The other eevees in the box: CHANGA CHANGA CHANGA!!! CHANGA CHANGA CHANGA!!!
Vay: Why am I doing this....?
Dusk: *hears them* why am I not suprised?
SAME @Scruffyvee: The stupid midterms are killing me too! I have geometry next Wensday :C
Hi I'm speedy the jolten so Epson rather hang out with her boyfriend then making sure her brother dusk is ok
Hello Did anyone realize the new Eevee and Dusk both have yellow glowing eyes?
BLUSH Eevui was blushing a lot in panel 8. I don’t get it. Please explain PinkEevee222 or ScruffyVee
@SylverSylveon: He's prolly hot :3c Must not be use to Unova weather
@Scruffyvee: Thank you! Appreciated
@Scruffyvee: When will I see my gurl Miku? Pls tell me
@Scruffyvee: YAY A MEANWILE!!!!
Tell us about this meanwhile
this new character is interesting indeed...
@Scruffyvee: you finally reached 2,000+ fans!!! Congrats and can’t wait for the meanwhile page and flame’s secret!!! :D
Eevee eyes glow
Eevui’s eyes glowed
@Loofeon: Yeh gurl we know
Srsly @Loofeon: we know
Poor dusk. “Harmony can you do me a favor? Great! GO DIE”
I like it
I like it
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Espeon is mean
Ow— -Me reading this comic, eh-
What is dusk crying look closely to his eye in panel 13
@Burnt biscuit : Dusk's eyes were like that throughout the whole comic strip :3c
I love how dusk acts
I hate how dusk acts
I mean, why? I want to see his stupid side again! I haven't seen much jokes in this stupid short eevee comic anymore. (I am not insulting the comic). I really hate to see them down. I want to get more laughs please!

Scruffyvee or Pinkeevee222, If you hear (read) this, please make Dawn back to stupid mode again (LOL). And will you give me an explanation of what is happening to the lab thingys?

Thanks :)
(BTW great comic I laughed so hard I put shaving cream on my toothbrush)
@???: Hmm. I was going to reply with a detailed explanation, but, naw.
If you want to see his stupid side, just wait. If you want to see more jokes, just wait. Dusk is currently in Edgy boi Mode™ and, I want him to stay like that, for Edgy boi Mode™ comes with its own fun~
@Scruffyvee: Hmm what fun will it be I wonder... Anyway thanks! I dont need a detailed explanation I just have to burst my brain (for every comic, seriously?) or call in detective pikachu (or Dean?)

Thanks again! :)

Good luck Dusk Edgy Boi Mode LOL
@Scruffyvee: Hmm >3> me thinks Tina herself is being the edgy one lately lol. Must be cuz spooktober. But I see it as the most fun holiday cuz u get to dress up and eat candy without peeps judging u. It could also be a combo of school stressies, so she's like, out for blood ono. Hopefully nu gud peep's blood tho unu;;
@cccviper653: OwO I will crush Dusk's soul into dust, and evolve him into Edgebreeon™
@Pinkeevee222: OnO *bap bap*
Oh hi!!! I am (WAS) Guest??? and I just logged in. Great scruffyvee! HIGH FIVE! Lets smash Dusk's NEW NEW 3DS now!!!

BTW does anyone know who to ship? (I'm not really into this kinda things like Bolt, but just wondering since the authors said we could discuss... wait can we? But there is not much to ship in this stupidness anyway......)
HI It was GREAT I feel sooooooo honoured to actually be able to CHAT with the AUTHOR!!! I love this comic!
(Favourites it)

Thanks again and goodnight
Iggy: Hello new friend! I am so happy to meet someone like you!! I am iggy the eevee and this is pumpkin the spookeon...ghost type eevee... I am so sorry but pumpkin got drunk again by drinking to many if you may excuse me I need to choke pumpkin in order to give the souls back to the pokemon...*sigh*.....again...
Pumpkin: IMMA USE LOCK ON SO IT NEVER MISSES HAYHEHEHEheheeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah.....hic....
Why wasn’t eevee called eeveeon
HOLD UP you aint gonna give us an eevee that also has glowing eyes and pretend nothing happened. I already went crazy here thinking it was Sky wth
Skag Glow boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Mr.chew (skag):lol
Meat theaft the jabber:lol
Broodless the spiderant:i ️ sand!!
Mr.chew:hey! Broodless!
FL4K: wut?
Meat theaf:lol
how do you fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@candyunicorngamer: Click +Fav on the top on the menu ^^
@Pinkeevee222 your backkkkkkkk
@Guest: OwO I mean. I never left. I just made a new account cause you cant change names on SJ
@Pinkeevee222: I love your art. This is one of my favorite Eevee comics out there.
@YellowRaichu: ^^ thanks!
Lighting bolt NOGs and extremely fast alpha skag named Mr.Chew. Borderlands 3 pets
Meat slinger\meat thief
Galbar the borderlands dino

Skag Bosses:
Mega alpha skag

Borderlands creatures
Learn with bob:
Bob: okay everyone, 2+2=22 becau-
Student: it’s not. It’s 4.
Bob: how do you know? You dumber...
Student: 1,2,3,4... it’s 4.
Bob: it’s 22!
Student: you’re such an idiot!!! It’s Mother F***ER 4!!!!!
Bob: AAAAAAAA- *fights student*
@Scruffyvee: coolio
this comic is awesome
snickers.....Snickers?! Scruff buddy you ever realize How much of a FUCKING moron you ARE?! snickers can not help this problem!!
@superlarrymaster: you do realize scuff is the author right
@superlarrymaster: ^^; It was a joke? To tie into one of the previous comic pages?
And, please dont curse in the comment section.
@Scruffyvee: Oh yeah, what time is it ya *BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP* scruffy! NEW COMIC!
@superlarrymaster: *red eyes stare at you*

*Pumpkin used guillotine*
Congrats on 2000+!!!!!

(This is late but I don't care I'm a rebel >=>)
My SSEC Ships Dawn x Scull Eve x Dusk Eevui x Trainer
Dusk x Juanita Clef x hole Blizz x Daisy
ScruffyVee x Awesomeness; So yeah, these be my ships.
Espeon! But Today Not Dusk Ekkkkk!I ship espeon and....wait i forgot what her boyfirend`s name is..but dusk...hes not happy with it..I think on the next page that dusk will try to get rid of espeon`s boyfirend.....
the eyes...THE EYES!!!!
@Scruffyvee i hate how dusk acts to!!
my friend is going nuts to hear Flames secret. I tell you NUTS (I am too sorta)
If Dusk was human would he be a model because many girls and guys like him
Snickers @Scruffyvee: *Piles snickers on Dusk* :)

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