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Young Blizz is a cutie Also! This is how they all learned to stand on 2 legs lol

Edit: Flame's secret is being posted next week!
Edit Edit: Flame's secret might get postponed due to Tablet issues

Edid Edit Edit: Yeaaaaaa, No comic next week due to Tablet issues
Scruffyvee, October 19th, 2019, 12:22 pm Reply
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Pepper is much coot

Can you post more ssec hunger games? Or revisit miku?
Is that daisy as an Eevee? :0 also I think pepper is part of blizz imaginations
i wonder what happened to pepper's ear. its probably already been answered and i missed the page that answered it but... still.
@tanooks: hello mr Tooks
@DarkFireEevee: oh mah gawd! good to see you here! xD
I actully early for once YUUUUS
i think oliver might evolve into the new steel eevee in galar... if the leak is true
Eastern Timezone is weird. like really really weird
hey did we unlok da flame the pervert comic?
i like totally forgot when blizz met pepper. the new style is so different and cute!
@Eevee_fan: we do it from like getting... fans? Like more. Once Scruffyvee sent a note about ho many secrets you get by fans
@Eevee_fan: ...there might not be ANY new eevees in the galar region
Swurds and Sheelds @Lunareon: OMG. POKEMON SWURD AND POKEMON SHEELD (yes, I know, my grammar is incorrect)
@SylverSylveon: get a teachr ya ded pokmn
Earliest I have ever been... Great comic!
Aww little blizz!!! And that explains why they can stand on two legs! XD
Aww, Pepper is adorable <3. Also, is there no secret comment?
@PuppyLover4: next week~
Nice good job
So Blizz taught all of them to stand on two legs.
More proof that post lab eevee Blizz is the cutest eevee
Also, is there a reason why there isn’t alt text? @Scruffyvee
@Eevee power: OwO;;; oopsies
All the vees are such coots ^w^
So guessing Blizz has known Pepper for a fairly long time then?

Also: Aw Good going Blizz ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
gosht further reporting
Well now... That tells me multiple things now.
Pepper just started the furry apocalypse
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: a pokemon furry apocalypse
@CelestialFox: a furpocalypse
@Silverwing: a mega furpocalypse
Omg Its has been. What? 5 years since I saw one of your comics. 1 Holy crud you are still going! 2 Your art has improved so much!.I just want you to know that I am very proud of you.
@O_O: ^^ thanks!!
Advice @Scruffyvee: Never compare yourself to your goals, compare yourself to your past, to see how much you improved, not how to improve.
The baby eevees are soooooooooooo cute
Lighting bolt NOGs and extremely fast alpha skag named Mr.Chew. SSTR(train): don't you even dare p*** in the train tracks Useboy!
Useboy:no! (Pee on the train tracks.)
Lune: holy s*** dude!
Mr chew: (also pees on the train tracks)
Lighting bolt NOGs and extremely fast alpha skag named Mr.Chew. Blizz-zz-zzz!
Lighting bolt NOGs and extremely fast alpha skag named Mr.Chew. Lolol
owo I wonder why does Vay doesnt like to stand in two legs tho. Also how is Pepper able to... pepper around Blizz? Does she works as Blizz's troll? Since in Bolts secret it said everymon had dark and light rambling. ANYWAY I love eevee Blizz. look at that sweetie.
aww, Blizz is just so friggin CUTE.
(There’s no alt text, is this deliberate?)
@Scruffyvee change of plans, so um, I SHIP PEPPER AND BLIZZ
@Scruffyvee: I made some Pokémon Cards. Both of the cards are about your 2 accounts.
I love your comics, I discovered them when going through hard times,
They’ve really helped me Cheer up and laugh, your a great inspiration!
Keep up the amazing work, and I hope other people see this amazing comic
So thats how they all learned. Wowz
Pepper: can stand on two feet

Blizz: (scene from doctor strange) “teach me”
Oh wow Panel 8- blizz looks like a bunny
Daisy and vay (I assume) have things on the bottom of their paws :O
Panel 10- Pepper’s eyes... look at it... It’s amazing
@Galactic The Purple Eevee: Vayporeon has uh... no fur on the neck and blue eyes so I think flame?
@Burnt biscuit : Yeah that'd make more sense
@Galactic The Purple Eevee:
Iggy: Dude, you know its a purple eevee...
Iggy: *whispers* let her have this....
Galactic: I-it’s okay...
All My webtoon readers: NO IT’S NOT!
Galactic: Ignore them.
@Galactic The Purple Eevee:
Pumpkin: Webtoon readers??? Can you give me da link?
Iggy: LOOK AT ME!!!! i'M STANDING!!!!
Oh my gosh, I understand now! If Blizz taught the others to stand on two legs, and Vay doesn’t like Blizz much, then that is why he stands on four! EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE!
Pepper: *Exists*

Most of the Eevees in the Box: *Standing noises*
This was posted a day ago?Wow.Oh wait that's just the first comment thingy
I love Pepper she’s a little creepy ( *’Cough*
Hiding in bushes and laughing *Cough* )
but so adorable at the same time ^-^
In one panel ( I think it’s 8 ) Blizz looks like he’s wearing hammer pants ツ
I want pepper and blizz to reuniteee
Their ears seem slightly tooo big
I really like Pepper’s design. It gives a creepy cute vibe. Her color scheme is perfect too
@joythemiaomiao YES!! I need to see that!
Pepper sooooooooooooooooooo IS Pepper dead? Like a ghost or spirit like I don't know.
@ShadowTheRedUmbreon: I think she's both lol. Either way she is dead.
@Scruffyvee: >< stupid Tablet Issues
I wan more
Wait a second! Is Pepper even real? Or just in Blizz's imagenation cause if so....... I don't know
@Scruffyvee: why does so many mon in love with Dusk? ( well... except for Lem for sure. )
@Dusk number 2: Dusk just... has that enigmatic personality tat everyone just flocks to.
In other words, i have no idea OwO;
@Master of mages: You can guess
Hints onto it are in the askblog, and the comic itself.
I needed a moment to realize, that the one eevee with the daisy IS Daisy! XD
And that the boy beside her is Roger, her twin!
How do I get secret comics? Also love the comic! I can't wait for each new page!
Random question, why do you draw the insides of some Pokemon’s ears and not others? I’ve just noticed that while you draw Dawn you always define the detail of the ear, whereas in other Pokemon like Dusk and Bolt and etc. you don’t. I like it, and I don’t mind, but why?
@Creamy Eevee: I believe usually it's because it's a bit faster to not draw them. While it doesn't really hurt the looks so much, and has became something common in the comic, dawn though as she's feline, maybe she keeps the detail as it's more important to show it? or just because it looks weird without, I'd say the latter.
Pumpkin: * makes voodoo dolls*
Iggy: STOP
Pumpkin: * throws Iggys voodoo doll*
Iggy: * gets forced back*
Pumpkin: * grabs iggys and daisys voodoo doll and starts bringing them together*
Pumpkin: Now kiiiiissssss

Pumpkin is a spookeon, ghost type eevee and iggy is an eevee.
Lighting bolt NOGs and extremely fast alpha skag named Mr.Chew. @Silverwing:
Tyreen colipso:..............................
Night oni-chan:(mutters things about FL4K and CL4P-TP) pumpken is crazy!
Lune:f***ing ratch!
Ratches: hey!
Leo :lune!
Troy:sdssfdjbdbdhgdshbdcbbhdcgcdbhdcsbdcjdvyivgyisvcysvdhucufugefjrechhecehjbverjbsdbg jebjjdvehjjdebedjbdevjhbdehvdejvehjhbebvj reallgcfgfdfv
@FL4K the beastmaster:
Iggy: People can control you! We are in the comments section for crying out loud!!
Pumpkin: But I'm me!! MMMMMMMMEEEEEEE!!!!
Iggy: how 'bout you haunt his soul or somethin'?
Pumpkin: Come 'ere Ratches! ehehehehehehe we gon' have some fun!
Iggy: Thats more like it!
Lighting bolt NOGs and extremely fast alpha skag named Mr.Chew. @Silverwing: jabber :lune !
Meat theif: (makes radiation barrels)
Meat theif :(Throws radiation barrel at lune )
Pumpkin: ding!
Loraui :456677888
Kova:56677888899+23344555666 =?
Mr chew:p*** (pees on the train tracks)
Pumpken: 536646353542536383763636373837363636
Tyreen: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Juzash's leg still taste like s*********!
Troy:thvbgfvghhhdbbxbhdhvedbydhbbuebhdedbhedhdbjdbebjrejbdcbjkrbjjcrhjdekruhichhihrcuh iircuirchihrhjicjijhcrhhcruhchjhrhcihriuceruihhuieduucedhhedhherhechdueihdchhirchuecrchhcr cuhcrhhuerhccghdrgugrchyuecruhuceygiecdhirecuucdgeuudceguureduugchhdcehhgucrdhhcdbjcdhhcdd hudcduhfdchucfduhhcfuhhcefhbjfcefhjbehcfbjbehbcejfjbcrhchbjecfhhcfbhcfeghgfebhgfehhe
Lune :[u spin me right round baby right round like record baby right round round round round!]
Lighting bolt NOGs and extremely fast alpha skag named Mr.Chew. All Eeveelutions: partying in the pridelands!
Lune shreeder.:s*#&
Tyreen: ew hfgfgkcjcmdh ew
Siren NOGS @Silverwing: Lune Lune Luney: berp derb
Keithfa: berp derb?
Lune Lune Luney: yas herpy keithfa!!!
Bunga: WHAT JUST HAPPEN????!!!!
Pun warning He's taking a stand for himself X>
dang, I haven't been here in a long time
Wait,how long has it been since we last saw Peper and little Blizz? A few arcs right?
==> So I realized.
SSEC is five years younger than Homestuck.
SSEC has gone on for 5 years, it would need about two more years to beat Homestuck as the longest running web comic.
In short:
==> Stupid Short Eevee Comic: Become Homestuckx
@Me: ssec is far from the longest running webcomic.
Mokepon and Two kinds have been going on for wayyyy longer, and there are a ton of others I read as well that has been going on for years! ^^
@Scruffyvee: Kevin and Kell is the world’s longest running webcomic (I think). I love it!
I just wanna say, though it might not be one the oldest comics, it's certainly one of the best! Keep it up!^.^
@LyonzEevee21: agreed
Purchase Where may I purchase one of these prized items?
Me sad My family is slowly getting dengue. Please wish us good health
@MythicalMew : Oh no! Good luck! I'm so sorry!
?Confusion...? Hi Im CDR in the Discord. Qn: Who is pepper? He looks like a ghost? BTW cute blizz and good job!
@???---???: It's something you should find out by yourself rather, hints are in the comic itself and the ask blog.
This Good
Lighting bolt NOGs and extremely fast alpha skag named Mr.Chew. Fanatic: for tyreen!
Tink: shut the f*** up!
Dark matter enforcer: dark matter rules and cov drews
Tink: shut up! Dark matter d***heads
Blizz:stop it guys
Tink:NO !!
@FL4K the beastmaster Borderlands: I have no idea what is going on, but LOL
Lighting bolt NOGs and extremely fast alpha skag named Mr.Chew. boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @Chamomile :
Tink:oh s***!
Fanatic: what the f*** did you just f***ing say!
Tink: nothing!
Leo: flarf!
DM enforcer:derp?
Mailiwan trooper:..................................….........................................
My bro: so cool me: not
pepper looks evil in panel 10, but still cute. I dunno how cute+evil works tho
Woot @Scruffyvee: Who are the two Eevees? I SHIP THE TWO BACKGROUND EEVEES I ALSO SHIP FLAME AND DAISY!!! yolo
@SylverSylveon: Those aren’t background eevees. That is Daisy and Roger, and they are twins.
Meep @Scruffyvee: Why do I love Miku and Pepper and Young Blizz and why do I hate Flame he perv... I SHIP BLIZZ X PEPPER!!! Someone send the boat of plz. PLZ!?!?
@SylverSylveon: The boat has been smashed to pieces. Stupid ship haters.
Sadness @Lol: nooo! My ship
I want to see peppers brother if his real :)
Siren NOGS Lune: lunch time!!!
Janja: go away
Keith: wat
Dewey? I'm not sure if somebody else has asked, but... Is that other Eevee, next to Daisy, Dewey?
Sorry for the late comment! Hope you don't mind. Wait, does Pepper know teleport?

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