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October 26th, 2019, 3:06 pm

Trick or treat
trick or treat
give me something good to eat

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Again! This guest comic was made by the talented Littlemoon-chan!!!
Here is the link to her DA!!
Flame's secret will be uploaded next week
Blame tablet issues
Scruffyvee, October 26th, 2019, 3:06 pm Reply
Advertisement, November 19th, 2019, 4:40 pm Reply
I think I have to make somethng clear Guest comics are not canon! >w<
Any comic with "GC" in the title is not canon to the series!
Scruffyvee, October 29th, 2019, 10:55 am Reply

Next time on ssec
The grumpy pikachu is so cute X3

Also the baby eevee fuel my soul with happiness
@>< Spirit ><: * Comes back after a bit and reads comic again *

I love Lem so much * Loads shotgun *
Must guard the cinnamon roll..
Lol that grumpy pikachu tho XD and awww they looks so cute!!! X3
>:3 kek
Good job
Da widdle punkin eevee is so adowable
Not exactly what I ment, but awww.
Lighting bolt NOGs and extremely fast alpha skag named Mr.Chew. Tink :hg
Sapping tink: can do for dinner so do s***!
Shredder tink fanatic:f***
Tink:hey , shut the f*** up!
Tink:heheh dark matter d***heads!
Tink:(see a sawblade flying in the sky) the f***!
Fanatic:ワットリードワットデルプmeh tiutyfrff ygghジムスカジラに行く
Impereon2005 Impereon2005@ omg I just love the eyes
So... Who is the mother? I'm assuming it's Harmony, but something seems kind of... Off
@Fluffy Eevee: It’s Harmony. But... before the others returned from the lab.
@Fluffy Eevee: I wanna say this is pre-lab, cuz I think the blue text is Vay/Jay as an eevee
@Fluffy Eevee: AU probably
early again! i guess...
i hate so much wen i see someting so cute and i cant touch them
some one give me a baby eevee for me to hug please
@Max.electric.tip: have my baby Eevee plush :3 your welcome
Adorable, just, adorable
Witch Harmony looks kinda hot
@SylverSylveon: ^^; Hey hey, lets not yell at people for their opinions.
@SylverSylveon: hey, I also dont like harmony, but do we need to?
@Who Knows?: Yes! ^^ As long as the person isn't hurting anyone, I think we should all respect their opinion ^^
whoz dat talking to Lem
@Black_Shadow: jay
@Who Knows?: aka Vay
Nice Halloween!
Shame on Harmony Kay, so I still hate Harmony. Also, DOES HARMONY EAT LIVE CHILDREN!?!? @Scruffyvee
@SylverSylveon: Harmony doesn't eat live children, lol.
@SylverSylveon: oh lol
@Burnt biscuit thack you so much love you X3
Fat head Harmony You can tell it’s Harmony because she’s shooting hearts out of her fat and stupid-filled head. I think Harmony is a female dog.
Harmony used to be nice, it seems. Now she's a butthead
I really REALLY love the ear to body ratio lol
Super adorable!
Is the seires ending soon I just love it
Is the series ending soon sorry you’ve been busy lately so I kinda knew that maybe the end is near
This made my day 100% better
@Scruffyvee: X3 adorable hehe
omfg eevee overload
this gc looks a lot more like your style tho. will you two eventually merge into one artstyle? who knows.
@The_Eevee_Essence: Idk,if we do collab. I prefer be the one doing the shading,lighting and effects n stuff =3=
@Scruffyvee: littlemoon did an amazing job and ITS SO CUTE I love all of it the mad pekachu is funny I love all of your work hope you have an amazing day
( ps I can’t spell and yea =>= dont critsize me )
@Milkbonetheumbreon: The header was made by Scruffyeevee
@LittleMoon-Chan: I know that I was telling her that I thought it was funny btw good job on the comic it’s amazing
Derp Kion: wat was that?
Pepper: IDK
Moon: why you little...
Kate: nuh
Mr. Keithfa:.....
Bunga: wat
Light Scar: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ table flip!!!!
Oooh, so cute!
....../..........me in the background:........ok life choices are a go, and ima go noe
Is that baby Dawn?? If it is, SHE LOOK ADORABLE
@AMKHeart: Its Lem actually
Alright,this comick is kinda of an AU. But,it's a babu guest comick. And still SSEC,It features the main cast's boys as babies. Along with Lem,Stan and Don
cuteness overload
how does everyone draw so good
TELL ME HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They are so cute I'm ganna die!!!!!!!!
0o0 IT'S SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!Also I saw an angry pikachu at the very beginningXDDDDDDDDDDD
ah! my heart ... to cute! *dies*
It is EXTREMELY hard to believe that Harmony was ever that loving and kind... Oh well, makes sense she's dressed as a WITCH.
@Sakura Leafeon: Love your profile pic!
The treat is alive?!... whut does DAT MEAN
@FireClaw: she fought lem was a treat

(i think)
The eyes! THE EYES! They are TOO CUTE!!!!!
so harmony was pretty when she was young
Hey... Is it just me? or does it kinda feel like the quality is going down?
It may just be me, peoples opinions change after all. And the author is a changing person too.
But it kinda feels like the comics are aimed at a different audience now🤷‍♂️
@MultiverseTheory : Details, Details
Come on bro, can't just say that type of stuff and expect me to not get curious about your thoughts, especially cause I mostly have been getting positive views on the newest comics. Explain Explain! I wanna know problems so I can try to fix them! ^^ Oh. Well. As long as the problems are about the story/characters in general, and not personal taste, cause, I am trying to balance comedy and drama the best I can and cant please everyone on that front ^^;
@Scruffyvee: I think my tastes are in the process of changing right now, I still enjoy your comic, but it’s probably just me that has my opinion changing. If I had any like specific thing to pinpoint in your comic it would be the type of drama you write. It’s mostly focused on bad situations but?🤷‍♀️ Drama can be good stuff too
@MultiverseTheory : Ok. so, personal taste. But, I am curious. Not including comedy, what are examples of good stuff drama?
@Scruffyvee: like friends arguing n making up I guess? Like the lighthearted stuff. Sorry I don’t really have any good answers because my brains kinda melty rn
Can you make a video of Vayporeon on YouTube playlist it's been a long time and he's my favorite
I accidentally put playlist
What if someone raided flatirons corn stash
Flareon my mistake
@Tristan : That would be the FUNNIEST. COMIC. EVER!!!!!
@Chamomile : i dont think we should let the younger viewers see that...
@who knows: maybe your right (but this is stupid short eevee comics and this is a stupid idea)
@Tristan : Actually, The idea is great! >w<
OwO; Sadly, Flareon's Corn stash is very hidden
@Scruffyvee: You are right. Only LKD knows about Flareon’s stash, so the chances that it will be stolen are slim.
Question @Scruffyvee: Also can you remind me how to post GC comics?
@StormyEevee: You just have to submit a comic to me, lol. Oh! It Cant be publicly posted!
Simba x nego skagzilla:hjgbhgg
Taka:(s***) hey tink!
Tink : the train tracks in the pridelands and my flarfing Amtrak electric metroliner is Leo
Leo: HEY my flarfing Amtrak electric metroliner!!!!!
Lune: 5&_5_&+4+-_;+_3+-*$767474747384874
Waaa? IS THE ANGEL bOlt!??!
@Burnt biscuit : yes because the question mark is red and blue
Can anyone translate this? I don't speak baby language, don't judge me.
@StormyEevee: Blue letters: It's halloween wem
(I have no idea whos who)
Blue letters: We trick or treat! Yee! And we get candy!
Purple letters EE! DEE!!
Purple letters: OH! Uba ba ah!
Blue letters: OOOHH! Wem wanna give mama candy?
Purple letters: UWAAAH!
Blue letters: Lets do that then!
Blue letters: Mama! We got candy for mama!
Purple letters: AH! DEE!
Lighting bolt NOGs and extremely fast alpha skag named Mr.Chew. @Silverwing:
Tink: ...
Kimba :that s***
Leo : s*%$ oh sorry I thought you had to go s***!
Pumpkin and ivypaw:...
ThatTink2345:at school and I have to go to the store to s***!
Tink:ratch give me the information of dusk!
Pumpkin:dat boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Tigger( discord in tigger's body): vay, my name is Jeff!
Timon(offscreen):guy kay
@Silverwing: Thanks!
My ghost is talking *me twitching in the floor*

Yeah, I died of cuteness...
How come there are NO gacha life comics!?! I can draw gacha! How can other ppl (except luni,sampaibuns and others)!?!
How easy is it for ppl to draw gacha?
In my op kinda hard (not really).
OMA Dees gais are adowbal
Who is this woman and what has she done with Harmony!?
I’m late but... HAPPY HALLOWEEN

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