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November 2nd, 2019, 6:19 am

Oops. my paw slipped

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Q-Q thank you all so much for 2,000 fans. I really really mean it, I thank all of you!!! >~<
Next secret is at 2,500 fans but, ^^; I dont think I'll reach that number, with how many guests cant/ don't know how to make accounts. I'm fine with just 2,000 tho!! ^^ Thank you all again for your support!!
Scruffyvee, November 2nd, 2019, 6:19 am Reply
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Wait wat o my god!!
Suddenly, my interest of Flame grew from 5% to +9000%!
@SeahDaLunatic: damn it, almost over 9000...
OH SNAP, Flame X Sora confirmed???
Ok, 1 I ship it. 2 What does he mean 'let her go'? 3 Sora looks like she's wearing mascara lol
Yep @PuppyLover4: yeah. Maybe she is wearing mascara? But I doubt that Pokémon can wear mascara. But then again, NOTHING MAKES SENSE IS SSEC AND THATS WHY IM SCREAMING!!!!! Lol. Also you are right, the ship is... REAL... yeah boi.
@Scruffyvee my bad and @pinkeevee222
@Guest: i for got my user here XD
Can I just say
Maybe not the Flame part, that’s sad, but the picture of all the others. Vay carrying Eve on his back *even tho he’s a sad boi*, Dawn being her usual proud self, Daisy tagging along, beautiful Bolt caring for his brother *my heart*, and best of all Blizz supporting Dusk ahhhh so beautiful. They are all so good. The comic itself is one of my ultimate favorite. GOOD. JOB. Best job. *applause*
@Creamy Eevee: "an inspiring speech for all SSEC lovers"

-Eevee_fan 2020
Hi im new to this comic!btw art is pretty good. SO. Beautiful
^_^ This was amazing! Congrats on 2000 fan Author-Chan!
@Gacha luna this comic is very good!you should read the whole thing!
@SnowflakeGlaceon: AMAZING COMIC I LOVE IT!
@SnowflakeGlaceon: i read the whole comic!
@Gacha luna: i cried of how good it was
That was so sweet
So Flame intentionally changes his personality, and doesn't have MPD(I think thats what its called
If you love me let me
Awww cute
Im pretty sure if everyone who watches your comic makes an account you'll be WAY past 2500 fans
Also why does it look like (I think) Miku's scar is umm part of her hair like it has a curl on panel 14 not sure why I noticed this but there ya go
@Master of mages: Owo ur right
Oh wow poor flame, I feel so bad for him and flame loves sora, wow! :0
? Unexpected, yet incredibly believable.
I’m crying.
@Scruffyvee: is ssec ever going to end and if it does will you make another one like ssec
@candyunicorngamer: if it does end my life will almost end to
Impereon2005 Impereon2005@ its nice to see that sylveon again
flame is bae and no-one can change my mind AND THIS IS WHY I LOVE FLAME OH MY GOD
NOOOOOOO! i is late. i liv in illinosis
eastern timezone is stil weird
Anyone else notice that flame got his freckles back?
Omg I almost cried!
@Scruffyvee: oooooooo la laaaaa
Awwwww Sora is really cute
Daisy:I wish he was more open...

Me: Wait weren't you the one that walked away and never replied when Vay confessed his feelings to you, or am I missing something?
@Excalibeon-Z: LOLLLL, true tho
First u @Excalibeon-Z: ur the first person i saw talk about vay and daisy
I thought Sora liked Dusk,No sorry thats Miku... And thats no. something something
@Dusk number 2: Sora does like Dusk~
@Scruffyvee: When i first read this I thought this flareon was flame. But then I was like: "NO WAY! FLAME NO BAE!" Also Dusk is so hawwttt. Alot of mons like him. Exept Lem...
Persona is a Latin word. Haha. I'm an nerd.
@Merp.: *gives you nerds candy*
@Scruffyvee: A H H H H H H WHAT HAPPENED this is so sadddddddd :(((((((
Also great comic your art stile is so good it’s cute and fun also funny ( in a good way ) your stile help convay the right emotion A H H H H your the best person at making good amazing comics
Plz respond
—milkbone the umbreon
ooh, Dusk has competition~
Waaa? Wait Daisy does like vay but she ignores him when he gets near so that means Daisy's a player wait am I getting bad feelings because vay already has a kid?Me confused ehhhhhhhhhhhh sorry if your a leafeon fan it's just me and my theories {πvπ}
@Burnt biscuit : Exactly why Flame hates her talking about it. She obviously doesnt know whst she wants.
@Scruffyvee: how come at one point sora’s eyes are purple but another point it’s blue?
@Guest: :3c just gotta keep reading the meanwhiles to find out
@Scruffyvee: OwO
(See username)
When will the jigglypuffs be back
Ngl the forth panel is way too relatable
how dare you make me interested in Flame's character and make him an integral part in miku's story. reeeeeeee.
also wow, congrats, you got some great conflict brewing, I can just feel it.
@Guest: *brews conflict like a witch* >:3 heh heh heh heh
@Scruffyvee: *uses shy 9-year-old voice bcause i am a 9-yaer old* Author-chan? w-when sora's eyes blue, she has a glowing collar. w-why is dat?
ALSO you should make secret chapters on how the eeveelutions evolved.
btw u can hav my bild a bare eevee! (if you will liv in illinosis)
Flames of flame!!!! @Eevee_fan:
Tink:waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the f***
Metra trains:56476
Tink:heh heh!
NOG:muk you! Tink!
Tink:f*** you too NOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cubbabratch: tink !!! Nog!!!!
Tink:shut the f*** up nog!!!
Miku(shocked): sirosely tink!?
Lawless:YEET!(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Pumpkin:YEET!(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
@Eevee_fan: yeeeeees you should do that (^^) it would be very interesting
r/im14andthisisdeep I mean-
How did I expect this in a way.. what eva. Flame is so much like me in real life.
YESSSSS Flame secret,

also Flame is bae(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
I ship them,also does this mean flare will stop with the “corn”
Theory finally proven. I KNEW IT, WHEN I LOOKED AT ONE OF THE PREVIOUS COMICS, I THOUGHT IT WAS HIM, AND I WAS CORRECT?!?! This- one- little- theory- was on my mind for weeks, THX SO MUCH FOR PROVING IT TRUE. <3
Flame x Sora in way better than Dusk x Sora.
This was a great page, it explained EVERYTHING, it was touching, and it was well... touching. If I had one word to describe this.... It would be, "touching".
I am crying......... mayby cuz I realate to this......... of all the characters I thought I could relate to I didn't expect it to be flame. Well I can't wait to see how everything ends up.
don't judge a book by its cover From hate to compassion in few seconds
i read it backwards my second time and it kinda still makes sense
The art... SO AMAZING
@Scruffyvee: man poor flame
If you love me you'll let me GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooOooOOOOO
Wait... Does this mean flame and daisy are partners!!!!!!!!
nu @candyunicorngamer: thats not daisy, its sora i think. i remember her scar
@FireMoonPOKEMON: i meant the leafeon next to flame in panel 15.
@candyunicorngamer: it is speeled sora not zara lol
I have been waiting for this since the alt text said flames secret would be important in the plot!
so flame doesn't read just corn.
@Scruffyvee: hehe
Flare is so relatable:D Wait, that's not a good thing to hide sadness? Stop with your nonsense!
...corn is fiction?
@Guest: He indulges in both corn and fiction
@Scruffyvee: does flame also EAT corn???????????????????????????
@eeveeteam: HA! HE WISHE-...
>w>;; are we talking about the same kind of corn?
@Scruffyvee: does he eat the food corn and read the comic corn
@Scruffyvee: "let her go"????
YEEEEEEEE Flame finally gets the attention he deserves!!! So relatable. This is what keeps me reading the comics every week.
So that's who sora wanted to see again.

Flame is getting more interesting noticed now!
Pumpkin and iggy: *drowning in tears of cuteness and sadness* WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Thier baby is miku -v-
Dats sad...but soooooo romantic...aww flame..I wanna cry in happiness and sadness now!
That last panel with the water is some bomb ass shit. It's a really nice treat to see some of your more serious art on this comic. Seriously gorgeous.
And with the power of Arceus, a new account will be born.
@Legosamurai732: It is done!

why are sora's eyes only blue when she has that collar thing on

does it like
cancel out her powers or sumthin-
@TheAnonymousOne: I'm blue! dadedededadada dadededadada dadededadada dadadededada dadadededadaaaaaaaaaa *repeats lines*
yessssssssssssssssssssssss yessssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! flames secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(now my life is complet)
@Scruffyvee: why was their a delay. to make it better????????????????????????????? or to have us in suspence??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
@eeveeteam: i think it was delayed because of tablet problems.

i think.
yes finally flames secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like my user name?

omm its to good to exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omm (oh my mew)
sorry how big that thing is (lol)
my mom is making me put pjs on at 7:38

if you question this look at victory fire comic on smack jeeves
hey scruffy. in comic 286# Defying Duskity
there was gonna be a fight .
r u planning on making one :) ?
@luckysand: yeet!!! Coming in the chapter after this one! Had to move it a chapter back due to problems with lore!
Flame Is Gae for Blizz.
Just me? Me: Ah! Stop playing with my emotions author! My heart can’t take much more.

Authors everywhere: would you like to know what happens next?

Me: Y- yes...
@PinkEevee222 I just remembered,what about that fight with the Greenpaw and the Icedrop eevees?
@PlasticStraw: I think its over now. The two leaders are Dusk and Vay. Unless a new war about Blizz punching another wall again. No sandwich will get out this time!
@PlasticStraw: look at my comment above UwU
Also ScruffyVee,We need a grave for Junita, and a revenge scene about getting Blizz back for punching his love.
Iggy: ok..uuuuuuummmmmmm.....
Iggy: WHAT!?
Pumpkin: needle....or SHOT!!!!
Iggy:goooood names
Pumpkin: true dat.

(iggy's an eevee and pumpkin's a spookeon)
their are to many delays and problems and not another chapter until another week and stuff
@eeveeteam: Yee. So many delays/Problems.
Being a college student sucks.
@Scruffyvee: colage im in third grade (lol)
@Scruffyvee: So I made an account now, how to fan because all I can think is to favorite this (which I did anyway) (also clicking post comment asks if you want sign in or register in the comment window)
Personas So does this mean that flame having the "corn" was a persona all along, or is that just him
HIII plz update I’m checking everyday
Cant wait for the funny parts to be back
Damn it! I'm out of mana. Anyways, yall mean corn's inappropriate? Oh wait yea. Oh cool! my mana is recharged!
Did you just... Make your lack of planning a part of the story? Scruffy you're a genius.
>lack of planning
Oh wait. I did.
I can understand Flame when he talks about fiction, sometimes fiction is easier to process than the real world. I also can relate to the personas things, I kinda change my persona every school year. YOu know what I can't help but relate almost entirely to him... except about the part about being in love.
@Scruffyvee: " let her go "

(song by NF, let you down. LISTEN TO IT)
@Silverwing: I already do everyday
@Silverwing: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????
Your the best Scrufyvee you deserve all your fans and more. You work really hard for us and I'm pretty sure your doing what you love. What would we do with out you. Find another person making comics like yours? Never! You are the best.
This is my second time asking a question is the comment section blurp In panels 9 and 13 Sora’s eyes are pink, but is the other panels Sora’s eyes are blue. Can some mon tell me what color Sora’s eyes are?
@SylverSylveon: Have you read the meanwhiles? They seem to be both :3c
SylverSylveon: *gives Flame a hug*
Flame: “leave me alone”
SylverSylveon: I’m sorry Flame but... I do what I want

Flame: frig u
HUGS @Scruffyvee: I kinda want more Flame. Also draw a Sylveon giving Flame a hug. Btw, the sylveon is me and the sylveon’s name will be Sylver.
I LOVE THIS COMIC This is actually my first time saying something.
Ima be for real here... I just binged read all of the comics start to finish in a span of 3 days and the only reason I found and liked this so much was originally looking for midget porn...
I came looking for copper and instead I found gold...
i drew the BEST shinx EVER
My theories that las 1 second I don't know why but for a minute I thought miku had Nego with vay then I was like no and corrected my self because I knew it was wrong but who is the mother of Nego or is vay secretly female=_=
Can I make a guest comic I’m yulisylveon672 I’m a big fan so can I please
I can actually relate to some of the things that flare said.
I’m not going to tell them but I can relate to flare... sort of.
Oooh, romance
@Musikitty: Sora is my second favorite character
Can we all stop and appreciate that water in the last panel though like dayum-

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