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6/16/14 - Vaporeon and Jolteon are tied for the lead (Which I can't believe) with Eve and Umbreon right behind them! Sylveon has just started and is coming in fast! The rest didn't even move yet!!!
6/17/14- Woah! Umbreon skyrocketed to first place, leaving everybody else in his dust! But, hold on a minute! Vaporeon is catching up to him! Jolteon hasn't moved an inch! Eve either, maybe they are paralyzed out of the pure awesomeness in front of them? Glaceon finally moved and he's now tied with Eve! and Sylveon stopped too! Whats happening with the others???
6/28/14- Umbreon is still on top, but it looks like Vaporeon and Dawn are hot on his trail! Glaceon and Eve are behind them, coming up with plans to stay on top! and the rest didn't move since last time!
7/6/14- Now were talking! Umbreon is to far in the lead for anyone to catch up now! But Vaporeon and Dawn are right behind him! Glaceon and Sylveon are tied for 4th place and Eve is struggling to stay in 5th!
7/12/14- Umbreon is still in the lead with Vaporeon not to far behind him! Dawn is in 3rd, and it looks like she's not giving up! Sylveon is behind her and Eve and Glaceon are struggling for 5th place!
Pinkeevee222, June 16th, 2014, 1:38 pm

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